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October, 2012
Control 4
October 01, 2012

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Transform your house into a smart home and control what matters most: family security, entertainment systems, energy use, music, lighting and more.

Home automation has long been considered a high-end luxury item for the rich and famous. Recently, cable television companies and wireless service providers have been marketing "smart home" solutions for an ongoing monthly fee, but those solutions deliver only a few rudimentary automation tasks. Until now, there hasn't been an affordable way to introduce consumers to the truly transformative benefits of home control and automation – when virtually everything in the home works together, automatically.

Control4's new Starter Kit offers consumers the opportunity to experience these benefits in one room, which they then can expand throughout the entire home, whenever they want.

The Control4® Starter Kit allows you to easily:
•Get rid of all the remotes on your coffee table. With the Control4 SR-250 remote, you can control everything in your entertainment system: TV, DVD player, receiver – you name it.
•Add lighting control – so that lights will dim when the movie begins or that the outdoor lights automatically go on when the sun goes down.
•Enjoy multi-room audio – distribute music to the patio, the kitchen or both in one seamless, digital music experience.
•Integrate temperature control – adjust the temperature from your couch through your TV or from the office using your mobile device.
•View security video feeds – see who is at the door or arm/disarm the system through the touch of a button.
•Incorporate the benefits of smart locks – secure your home with a touch of a button, even from your bed.
•Smart Alerts– Track home activity and receive text alerts when you are away, when the kids get home from school, if a door is left open, or if there is a water leak in the basement.
•Smart Sensors: Illuminate hallway lights when the kids get up in the middle of the night, or automatically turn lights off when no one is in a room.
•Create a custom "scene" – personalize your home control experience to suit your life, your family and your needs. For example, a customizable "welcome home" scene can greet you as you arrive – the security system disarms, the lights go on, the AC adjusts to the right temperature and your favorite music begins playing – all automatically.

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