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Control4 Next Generation Wireless Lighting
June 15, 2013

The next generation of Wireless Lighting Control products showcase elegant industrial design in a wide range of colors and custom configurations to provide the most comprehensive and time saving Wireless Lighting solutions ever offered by Control4.

Elegant Industrial Design

Superior Fit and Finish—All Wireless Lighting products feature an elegant new design with a high-quality fit and finish and impressive tactile response. Additionally, stylish faceplates compliment the overall design of each control, sure to delight your customers.

Improved Button Response—Control4 Wireless Lighting products not only look great, they feel great too. Controls were designed with an improved tactile response when pressed, re-assuring your customers of the high quality of each keypad, dimmer or switch.

Enhanced Customization

Keypad Button Configuration—Configurable keypads include an assortment of button sizes that can be arranged in up to 37 configurations.

Custom Engraving—All buttons can be custom engraved using an intuitive tool within Composer Pro. Button sizes and engraving can be quickly set up for each device and a report can be generated to review each device with your customer. Once finalized, the report can be uploaded to the Control4 online store for quick and accurate ordering.*

Programmable RGB LEDs—Button backlighting and status indicators feature RGB LEDs that can be customized with an array of color options using Composer Pro software. For example, status LEDs can be programmed, independent of button backlighting, to provide visual feedback of lighting, scenes or other devices in the Control4 system. Additionally, an ambient lighting sensor on each control automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness based on the ambient lighting in the room.

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